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Your search for assistance in filing for bankruptcy ends at Dabertin Law Offices, PC. We can guide you through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and non-bankruptcy solutions to your debt problems.

Are you faced with mounting bills? Have your been sued by a creditor? Do you feel like you have nowhere to turn? You do not have to go it alone.


Let Dabertin Law Offices, PC inform you about your legal rights and guide you through a solution that gives you a fresh financial start.

Are you facing mounting bills? Garnishments? Harassing phone calls and collection notices? Have you been sued because of an unpaid debt?


Chapter 7 may be for you. A filing under Chapter 7 of the federal bankruptcy code can result in a complete discharge of your debts and afford you a fresh start.

Has your automobile been repossessed? Can’t afford your current car payments? Is your home facing foreclosure or forced sale?


Chapter 13 can address all of these problems and more.  We offer no-money-down Chapter 13 filings for wage earners. Call us to learn more.

Not every debt problem is or should be addressed through bankruptcy. It is important for you to know if bankruptcy is right for you.


There may be another non-bankruptcy solution.  Contact us today for a free face to face consultation to learn your options.

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Is Bankruptcy for you?

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