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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please contact us for a free consultation. We can guide you through the sometimes confusing and difficult bankruptcy process. At the Dabertin Law Offices, we can evaluate your situation and determine if bankruptcy is right for you or if there is a better course of action to deal with your particular situation.


Our office helps people and businesses file for bankruptcy under the federal bankruptcy code. We are a debt relief agency.

You have a right to know the process, and attorney David M. Dabertin is here to help you in understanding and navigating through the entire procedure. Know your rights and get your questions answered.


Our office can help you file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. Get in touch with us to get FREE consultation.

We'll help you understand the bankruptcy process

Dabertin Law Offices, PC has the expertise to assist you with your bankruptcy.

Contact us for complete details on bankruptcy assistance.